Center for Working Families

Center for Working Families, CWF, is built on a model developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, CWF provides people with the tools they need to increase their income (“EARN IT”), reduce expenses (“KEEP IT”), and build wealth (“GROW IT”) for their families. CWFworks to transition families from living paycheck to paycheck to investing in their future – not only getting a job, but a career; not only meeting expenses, but saving for their first home.

The Center for Working Families at CAFE is a RESOURCE to help in the following areas:
  • Find a job and careers that will increase your income
  • Formulate a practical budget that will allow you to save for your future
  • Plan for college or training for yourself or your children
  • Assist you in applying for State Benefits (for example, "TANF", Food Stamps, Medical Benefits, and Child Care Assistance) or refer you to other organizations that can help you
  • Resources to find jobs and improve your skills to advance to a career that pays higher wages
  • Support to continue your education
  • Job Readiness training and basic office skills training
  • Work toward or complete your high school equivalency
  • Earn a vocational certificate in a field like health care or construction that offers stable employment
  • Enroll in community college or a university
  • Financial Education Program: one-on-one help with an experienced Financial Coach
  • Information on income supports and benefits for which you may be eligible
  • Computer Lab: Access to the internet and bi-lingual computer classes

These services are integrated. While residents work on employment goals, they learn to reduce debt and save at the same time. Best of all, these centers focus on establishing long-term relationships through personalized coaching, helping residents to sustain their efforts to achieve economic advancement and independence.

To enroll or learn more, please contact us or attend an orientation session on the 2nd & 4th Monday of each month at 9:00 am

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