Youth Programs

Finish Line Boys & Girls Club

With the opening of the new Finish Line Boys & Girls Club on the CAFE campus, daily youth programming has transitioned to their beautiful new facility.  To enroll your youth, please contact (317) 672-3410.  To learn more about the facility and programming, please click the link below:

Youth Leadership Council

CAFE is starting a youth leadership council.  We are looking for youth voices to help shape and lead our Quality of Life Efforts.  To learn more about the council and join, please contact Brishon Bond at

CAFE Summer Career & Leadership Development Camp

Careet and Leadership Development Camp is a six week program for Far Eastside youth ages 13 to 18. During the summer youth are involved in a variety of activities designed to provide them with skills for their future inclusing internships, guest speakers and college tours.  Students successful in compleing the program earn a stipend.

If you are interested in getting involved with any of these programs, please contact Brishon Bond at 890-3288 x115 or

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